How to Make $1,000+ Every Month with the JEPQ ETF

Welcome back to Daily Investment Advice! In this video, I discuss the JEPQ ETF or JP Morgan Equity Premium Income ETF (exchange traded fund). This ETF is focused on passive income and utilizing a covered call like strategy to generate regular, monthly income against the ETF.

The video specifically discusses this in the context of providing a hypothetical cash secured put trade example, along a covered call example. Combining both dividends with cash secured puts and/or covered calls can be a great way to potentially build wealth and generate significant passive income on a regular basis!

I additionally discuss how you can possibly use this ETF and these strategies to potentially make over $1000 every single month!

I hope you guys enjoy the video, and leave any questions or comments you may have below! Once you’re done watching the video, consider checking out our newsletter and Daily Investment Advice Pro.


Drew Stegman

Founder of Daily Investment Advice

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