Penny Stocks

5 Confirmed Penny Stocks That Have Provided Investors with 10,000%+ Returns

Penny stocks, or micro-cap stocks, often present an enthralling proposition for the astute and daring investor. The allure of astronomical gains – often 10,000% or more – can make them an exciting, if not perilous, addition to a diverse investment portfolio. Here, we list five penny stocks that have historically showcased such monumental returns and […]

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6 Penny Stock Trading Tips for Beginners

Penny stocks are stocks of small, relatively unknown companies that trade at a low price per share, often below $5. These stocks are generally considered high-risk investments because they are often associated with companies that are not established, have limited trading volumes and are often subject to market manipulation. The term “penny stock” is sometimes […]

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The Absolute Worst Time to Buy a Stock (Avoid this Big Mistake)   

If there’s one lesson every investor must learn, it is that stock markets are a veritable mix of cold, hard facts and emotion-driven speculation. Fear and greed, in particular, often take the reins, shaping market trends and driving investor behavior in ways that can be destructive to their financial health. There are many instances when […]

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