About Us

Welcome to Daily Investment Advice, where our mission is to help transform the landscape of Wall Street, and the traditional system which I believe has resulted in many inefficiencies that could be corrected with a simpler and more streamlined approach to financial information, especially when it comes complex data in the stock, bond and real estate markets.

Hello, my name is Drew Stegman, and I have a background in finance, and more recently, with technology. I am married to my beautiful wife Rachel, and have two kids, Victoria and David, with one more on the way – not sure if it’s a girl or a boy yet!

I have nearly ten years of experience trading stocks and options, along with over two years of experience working on Wall Street, including at Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Although I only worked a couple of years for a couple of the largest firms in the securities industry, my time on Wall Street made me realize the need for a more democratized, accessible form of investment guidance, one that is more efficient, streamlined and without all of the added bureaucracy, paperwork, regulatory woes, red tape, and excessive fees that often come from the traditional Wall Street model.

I wanted to set out and create something different for all investors, a website where investors of all walks, including those interested in achieving growth, income, or any type of investment strategy of their choosing, can achieve their goals & objectives, or at least gain education and insights that can help to propel them on the correct track.

My goal was to provide all of these tools and resources for free, in an easy to use interface and website that helps you find what you’re looking for on virtually any personal finance, investment, trading, or stock market related topic.

At Daily Investment Advice, we believe in empowering our users not just with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) powered investment advice, but with a human touch that adds unparalleled value to your investment goals and what you may be seeking to achieve.

Our website, along with our daily newsletter, compound interest calculator, live stock charts (and much more coming soon), are crafted to provide insightful, relevant content and information that is easy to navigate and access, while being completely free of charge.

From investment education, to in-depth research on individual stocks, we are here to drive engagement with you, our audience, while providing actionable insights and recommendations that you can utilize in your own investment portfolio(s).

Join us in our journey to democratize investment advice! With Daily Investment Advice, you’re making informed financial decisions, and you’re taking a step towards taking control of your financial future. Let’s empower each other to achieve our investment goals and objectives, in an open source manner, one insightful recommendation at a time!

Drew Stegman