Crypto Boom: Will Bitcoin Hit $100,000+ by December?

In this video and as an introduction to my other channel which is relaunching, Multi Bagger Investing, I discuss some of the potential opportunities for you to profit in the coming crypto four year super cycle, which has seen massive price surges in recent years, particularly in many higher risk assets, including various cryptocurrencies.

Following historical precedent, the potential for blockchain, crypto, and other speculative assets to hit all time highs, and the potential for the leading indicator, Bitcoin to fly past $100,000+ or even $150,000+ remains a decent possibility. This is especially true as historically, the 4 year super cycle tends to peak off near the end of the year or early into the next.

Additionally, we are entering an election year, and the Fed is still expected to lower interest rates at some point in 2024, maybe even more than once.

If we follow this historical precedent, then the next cycle would peak off near the end of 2024, and going into 2025.

That said, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future success when it comes to investing or trading these highly volatile assets.

Of course, you should always take into consideration your own risk tolerance, along with your specific investment objectives & goals. when it comes to potentially investing in these markets.

Remember, this type of strategy is not for everyone, and carries very high risk, the potential of very high returns in some cases. Please consider working with a professional if needed, and hope you guys enjoy this brief Friday evening video!

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